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WD62PURZ seems to have a better transfer rate due to a higher cache. It also has a higher power consumption as per the WD specification sheet.

TL;DR: The WD62PURZ has a better transfer rate and higher power consumption, probably thanks to a larger cache.

The WD62PURZ spins a little slower than the WD60PURZ, but it has a larger cache. Normally, a higher cache is a sign of an SMR drive, but WD gives no indication of which recording technology both drives use (CMR or SMR).

WD62PURZ specifications are very very close to the newer WD84PURZ- cache, power consumption , weight, MTBF. These are the only 2 drives in Purple product range to use a 5640 RPM spin speed.

Attribute WD62PURZ WD60PURZ
Cameras Supported Upto 64 HD Upto 64 HD
AI Streams 16 16
Max Suistained Transfer rate 185 MB/s 175 MB/s
Cache 128 MB 64 MB
RPM 5640 5700
MTBF 1.0 M Hours 1.0 M Hours
Warranty 3 Yrs LTD 3 Yrs LTD
Power Average RW 6.2 W 5.3W
Weight 1.58 lbs 1.65 lbs



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