PaliApps: Easy and Secure End to End email encryption

Email encryption is nothing new, and neither are the complexities around it. These complexities and cost to implement were always a barrier for SMEs

We have taken out the complexities, and made it so easy to use that even consumers can utilize it, still keeping it as secure as encryption gets. it’s dependable. It’s cost-effective. It works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Android, iOS and web browsers.

Simplest, easiest email encryption Solution- both for you and your recipients

Historically, encryption has been complex and expensive to implement – and therefore only accessible by large organisations. PaliApps makes security and privacy of data simple, easy and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Send encrypted emails to ANYONE

Traditional email encryption solutions based on public/private key only work for the recipients who have signed up for the same solution, which limits your ability to send encrypted emails.

With PaliApps, you can send a secure email to ANYONE. The recipient of your email does not have to sign up with us, or install any application to read your secure email. Whether they have an account with Paliapp or not, whether they have published a public key or not, they will be able to receive your encrypted email.

Cloud-based, no PKI required

Unlike Traditional email encryption software, you don't need a complex PKI Setup

PaliApps is powered by Scentrics' groundbreaking cloud encryption technology that manages keys for you. You can simply log in and send encrypted emails to ANYONE. For you it takes just one extra click to send an encrypted email

Most secure email encryption solution

Quantum Secure Cryptography.

Traditional email encryption solutions work with public key cryptography. The security of encryption is based on the premise that the private key cannot be derived from the public key. Theoretically, it is possible to brute force the public key, but this is a mathematical problem that requires so much computing power to solve that it cannot be solved today using classical computing. However, when quantum computing becomes available, public key cryptography can be easily cracked.

PaliApps uses quantum secure cryptography. This means that we are miles ahead of other cryptography algos.

Separation of keys and content - Not a single point of Trust or weakness.

With traditional email encryption solutions, both your encrypted emails and the keys are stored on the same server. This means that a single service provider has everything it needs to decrypt your emails. If the service provider's servers are compromised or they simply decide to read your data, they have all they need to do so.

At PaliApps, our servers only store the key used to encrypt the data in our secure cloud . The encrypted data remains with you (or rather, with your recipient). This separation makes the architecture inherently secure where our servers can never access your organizations messages or attachments.

Bespoke Policy Control for sending and Sent mails

IT managers can create bespoke policies with PaliApps . Examples include restricting secure email sending from certain locations or domains. Keys for emails that have already been sent can be withdrawn instantly, as can keys issued to devices that have been lost or stolen. These policies can be applied by department, by user or even individual key, giving you complete control.