What are ev Carriers in G-Speed Shuttle and Shuttle XL

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The G-Speed Shuttle and G-Speed Shuttle XL are the highest capacity drives in G-tech and recently the series changed to include the ev carriers. Soon, Confusion ensued and the questions we were asked the most were

  • Are the ev Carriers going to take space out of my Shuttle/Shuttle XL?
  • Is Shuttle a 4 bay, or a 3 bay + 1 bay for ev carrier? Is Shuttle XL 8 bay like earlier, or is it 6+2 bays

This was asked so many times, that we thought of answering it in the blog for those who are still looking for an answer.

Shuttle/ Shuttle XL are 4 and 8 Bays fully populated

Ok, so first thing first. The total number of 3.5" Bays accommodating hard drives has remained the same. ev Carriers are provided in addition to the 4 and 8 fully populated bays

  • G-Speed Shuttle with 1 x ev Carrier is 4 Bays populated with 4 drives + 1 ev carrier
  • G-Speed Shuttle xl with 2 x ev Carrier is 8 Bays populated with 8 drives + 2 ev carriers

here is a picture of a G-Speed Shuttle XL with 2 x ev carriers, showing all 8 bays fully populated.

G-Speed Shuttle XL with 2 x ev carriers , shown with all 8 bays prepopulated

ev Carriers are included separately

ev Carriers/ev adapters are included in the box for optional use. So you can remove a hard drive from your G-Speed Shuttle for example and insert an evolution hard drive using ev carrier, to quickly copy the file to or from the shuttle. It helps with the workflow.

ev Carriers, packed in the box separately

In essence, the new series is similar to the old series, except you find the additional ev carriers in the box.

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