We are an authorized QNAP partner and with our QNAP certified technicians we offer various services such as.

QNAP warranty extension services for UAE.

For recently purchased devices (within 6 months), you can purchase a QNAP warranty extension directly supported by QNAP.

For older devices, we can offer our PNP warranty extension. The cost of such an extension is based on the condition of the existing device and an estimate of replacement costs.

QNAP Advanced Replcement Services and QNAP Next Business Day replacement (NBD replacement) service for UAE.

For an additional charge, we can provide next business day replacement services for PNP QNAP devices. We sign a SLA with end users for this replacement. In the event of a device failure, we will replace the devices within the response time specified at SLA.

QNAP Tech Refresh and Data Migration

We offer a tech refresh for older devices. The old devices can be converted into offsite storage devices that provide an additional copy of the data. We also handle the complete migration of the old device to a new device.

QNAP Security Audit, QNAP Ransomware Protection and Recommended Best Practices

We also offer a best practices service for your QNAP devices, where we audit your existing environment against best practices and suggest ways to make your device more secure. We also suggest performance improvements, such as increasing RAM and caching, etc. For ransomware protection, we can review your QNAP device and provide RDX devices for offline/offsite backup of your important data.