Printronix Line Matrix Cartridge ribbons to use Recycled Plastic

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Printronix has decided to utilize 100% recycled plastic resin on the cartridge ribbon enclosures. This recycled resin maintains the same high standards of Printronix cartridge ribbon quality, reliability, and print performance. They have tested the recycled resin under the same rigorous standards as the previous enclosure and found no difference in print performance, quality or reliability.

What it means for the customers

They get a cartridge that uses recycled casing and has minimal impact on the environment while maintaining the same high-quality standards of Printronix Ribbons. 

What it means for you. 
Many customers may approach you, asking about the difference in physical appearance. Tell them its normal to have differences in the appearance of the new product, which is lighter in color and has a matte finish. 

Refer to this image for details

Old Cartridge with New Plastic
New Cartridge with Recycled Plastic

Which Products are impacted:

• Printronix P8000/P7000 Series Cartridge Ribbons
• Printronix P8000/P7000 HD Series Cartridge Ribbons
• TallyGenicom TG6800/TG6600 Series Cartridge Ribbons
• Security Cartridge Ribbons
• Specialty Label Cartridge Ribbons


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