Printronix Regionalized Cartridges

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Starting P7000 cartridge ribbons, Printeronix started to ship different ribbons to different regions, with chips that won't work with the cross regional printers. With this they have managed to cut gray marketing completely. A printer bought in EMEA region for example can only use EMEA cartridge.

Being in EMEA, we stock and distribute the Cartridge ribbons ending with Number 01.

255049-101 Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon
255048-101 Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon
255048-401 Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon ( 4 Pack)

These ribbons won't work in place of the ones ending with 2 ( e.g. 255049-102 for Americas), 3 ( e.g. 255049-103 for Asia pacific) and 4 ( 255049-104 for Brazil).

Be sure to buy your supplies from your own region to ensure that they fit your printer. DataCare LLC keeps 01 ribbons meant for EMEA region printers.



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