LTO-9 Prepurchase program on Quantum Tape Libraries

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Quantum has rolled out the LTO-9 pre purchase program for the libraries including Scalar® i6000, Scalar i6, Scalar i3, Scalar i500, AEL6, AEL6000 & AEL500 libraries. What it means is that the customer buys now an LTO-8 hardware , with a guaranteed swap to LTO-9 when it becomes available.

Buy LTO-8 now, Exchange with LTO-9 Later : pre-Purchase program essentially means that you get a library with current LTO-8 tape drives. When the LTO-9 tape drives become available, you will be able to exchange them for an equal number of LTO-9 tape drives.

Pre-Purchase Uplift Fee Included : Exchange to LTO-9 drives is done at no cost to you. A Pre-purchase uplift fee is included with the library quotes.

You can think of pre-purchase program as a guaranteed trade-in program where you pay an uplift fee at the time of purchase of LTO-8 hardware, and get a guaranteed trade in of your LTO-8 drives. LTO-9 media cost is not yet available and there is obviously no trade-in for old media. However you can continue using your LTO-8 media with the new LTO-9 drives also thanks to backward compatibility.

This LTO-9 pre purchase program is going to make a lot of sense for you if you want to buy an LTO Library now ,but holding back on the decision till LTO-9 becomes available.


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