HP LTO-7 (HP C7977A) soon to be launched

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7the Generation of Ultrium tapes , LTO-7 would soon be launched. Here is all that we know about it

  • Capacity of LTO-7 would be 6TB native, 15TB compressed. Transfer speed of 1.1TB per hour native.
  • Unlike LTO-6 there won't be a BaFe (7976B) and MP (C7976A) variants. There will be only one LTO-7 tape (C7977A) and it would be BaFe. There is no way you can cram that much data into one tape with MP.
  • Recording Density, tape length and number of tracks - all 3 have been increased. LTO-4,5,6 had same recording density and tape length, and the extra capacity was achieved through increased number of tracks. Now all 3 have been increased to achieve 6TB Native.
  • standard 12.65mm wide tape as is the standard with all LTOs. Tape thickness is much less which is obvious since a spool of 960m has to be accommodated in the same sized housing.
  • Going by the pictures, the media color would be black.

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