LTO-8 and LTO-8 Type M Media

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LTO-8 Drives will start shipping in Q12018. As usual there is a capacity increase in LTO-8 drives ( 12TB Native, double that of LTO-7), but this is not the only differentiating factor for this new drive.  

For the first time, you will be to use an LTO-7 Media  in LTO-8 drive with 9TB Capacity - 50% more than you would get in LTO-7 Drive.  This is similar to 3590 or 3592 Media where the same media yields different capacities in different drives. 

  • LTO-7 Media has to be new and previously unused 
  • It will have to be formatted as LTO-8 Type M media. It will only work in LTO-8 drive once formatted in such a way
  • If LTO-7 Media that has been previously formatted on LTO-7 drive is used in LTO-8, it would yield the same 6TB Capacity. 

The table below shows the compatibiltiy and possible use of LTO-7 media in LTO-7/8 drives. 


Media  Capacity in LTO-7 Drive Capacity in LTO-8 Drive
LTO-7 Media   6 / 15TB 6/15TB
LTO-7 New Media Formatted as LTO8 Type M  Not compatible 9/22.5TB
LTO-8 Media Not Compatible 12/30TB

This means that simply by upgrading to an LTO-8 driver, the custmer can realize the benefit of an increased capacity, even with their existing (new and unused) inventories of LTO-7 Media. 

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