LTO-8 makes a compelling upgrade

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Despite what many say, tapes are far from dead. In fact past few years we have seen the tapes converge to 2 Major Formats -  LTO and 3592 media.  Vendors ( LTO consortium for LTO and IBM/Fuji for 3592) have been investing in both the formats and they remain the choice of media for the last tier of storage.

The Latest Generation of LTO tape media - LTO-8 offers Native capacity of 12TB ( 30TB on typical data compression).  Further, you can format a previously unused LTO-7 tape media as LTO-8 Type M and get 9TB Native Capacity.  This makes the new LTO-8 extremely compelling for an upgrade - it offers cheapest Cost per TB.  Even though the cost of the LTO-8 media is fairly high ( and will probably fall as with most of the new techs),  the LTO-7 media itself has a stable pricing. When you upgrade, you can make use of LTO-7 pricing and have a media that gives you 9 native Terabytes for the lowest cost per TB.

Here is a comparison of Cost per TB for currently running LTO media.  We have not included LTO-1,2 and 3 in the comparison as they have completely phased out and the supplies have become scarce too.  

Media Native Capacity (TB) Retail Price- AED Cost Per TB - AED Remarks
LTO-3 0.4 110 275.00  
LTO-4 0.8 85 106.25  
LTO-5 1.5 85 56.67  
LTO-6 2.5 90 36.00 Cheapest Cost Per TB, but Takes more tapes to save same amount of Data. Will be obsolete soon.
LTO-7 6 325 54.17  
LTO-8 Type M 9 325 36.11 Cheapest Cost Per TB
LTO-8 12 700 58.33 Almost Same as LTO-7, will surely fall .
  • LTO-8 Type M offers the lowest cost per TB, 50% lower than LTO-7. ( offcourse you have 50% more capacity but same price)
  • LTO-8 would soon become the lowest Cost per TB as the prices fall. Currently LTO-8 offers same cost per TB as LTO-7.
  • Upgrade now, use LTO-7 media as LTO-8 type M.  Start using LTO-8 whenever the prices of Media match your Cost per TB expectation.

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