Degausser Media Compatibility - What can be degaussed

Akash Jain Estimated Read Time: 1 Minutes
If you have a mix of media, e.g. hard drives, tape media and flash, SSD, there is no SINGLE device that can sanitize all of them. The reason is that a degausser can only wipe out magnetic media and has no effect on flash based media like SSDs.

On the other hand, a physical degausser can destroy both SSDs and HDDs, but not tapes.

The matrix below shows what type of media each device (degausser, physical destroyer and rewriting data wiper) can sanitize
Hard Disk Drives- All kinds
( 2.5", 3.5", SATA, SAS)

Tapes - All Kinds
( DAT, DLT, LTO...)

Solid State Media
( Flash Drives, SSD)
Degausser Can Sanitize* Can Sanitize * -
Physical Destroyer Can Sanitize * - Can Sanitize *
Data Destroyer
( Rewriter)
Can Sanitize # Can Sanitize #


* After degausser, the media becomes unusable. You cannot reuse the media.
# The rewriter needs the media in a working condition. How it works is that you connect the media to the rewriter and it writes a few passes of random data. The media can be reused after such a cleanup.

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