HPE introduces new LTO tape part number Ending with AA

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently introduced a new part number for its LTO tapes that ends with double A instead of A

Here is a list of all the new part numbers from HPE. There is no new part number for LTO-4 because HP has stopped production and the tapes can no longer be ordered from HPE.

The New C7977AA part number ending with Double A

Generation Old Part Number New Part Number
*Probably Sony OEM * Probably Fuji OEM
LTO Ultrium Gen 5 C7975A C7975AA
LTO Ultrium Gen 6 C7976A C7976AA
LTO Ultrium Gen 7 C7977A C7977AA
LTO Ultrium Gen 8 Q2078A Q2078AA
LTO Ultrium Gen 9 Q2079A Q2079AA

It is (probably) to distinguish Sony LTO stock from Fuji LTO stock

It may surprise some, but HPE - the largest seller of branded LTO tapes - does not make the tapes themselves. They get them OEMed from Sony and Fuji. Fuji has gone from strength to strength with its BaFe technology used for all tapes from LTO-7 on, but Sony also makes tapes and the quality, performance and reliability of the tapes made by Fuji and Sony are the same.

We have found that the tapes ending in AA are made by Fuji and the tapes ending in Single A are made by Sony. However this is a matter of logistics, not service, as the part number on the inside of the box of 5 is still a single A. So mostly HPE is only trying to distinguish the master cartons based on the origin of the factory for their logistics purpose.

Scan of 2 HP LTO-7 Tapes showing difference OEMs for C7977A and C7977AA




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