If you have a mix of Media like Hard drives, Tape media and Solid State Media ( SSD), there is no SINGLE device that can sanitize all thses.
The Matrix below shows which kind of Media each Device ( Degausser, Physical Destroyer and Rewriting Data Wiper) can sanitize.

Hard Disk Drives- All kinds
( 2.5", 3.5", SATA, SAS)

Tapes - All Kinds
( DAT, DLT, LTO...)

Solid State Media
( Flash Drives, SSD)
Degausser Can Sanitize* Can Sanitize * -
Physical Destroyer Can Sanitize * - Can Sanitize *
Data Destroyer
( Rewriter)
Can Sanitize # Can Sanitize #

* After Degaussing Media is Rendered useless. You can't reuse the media
# Rewriter needs the Media to be in working condition. You would essentially connect the media to the rewriter and it will write a few passes of random data. Media can be reused after such Sanitization.