Ironwolf Pro 20TB (ST20000NE000) Launched

Ironwolf Pro 20TB (ST20000NE000) Launched

Akash jain Estimated Read Time: 1 Minutes


Seagate announced the launch of its 20TB Ironwolf Pro on December 2. They are the first vendor to announce the availability and specifications of these hard drives.

As with the other Ironwolf Pro drives, this drive comes with a 5-year limited warranty with 3 years of data recovery service. For 12TB and above, there are only Pro drives, meaning for 20TB there is only a PRO version (although an Exos version may be coming soon).

According to the spec sheet, it offers CMR recording, 300TB annual workload, and a maximum transfer rate of 285MB/s. 20TB / 18.30TiB could could probably have the lowest cost per TB in future, even if the launch price puts the cost per TB higher than 18TB.

We have already placed orders with Seagate for this drive and should have it on the shelves by mid-December.

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