Seagate 7E10 vs 7E8

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Seagate has unveiled its new 7E10 Enterprise hard drive series, with capacities ranging from 2TB to 10TB. It will likely replace the 7E8. If so, you will soon see a new part number like ST6000NM0021B (instead of ST6000NM0021A).

What has changed

  • The highest capacity available on the 7E10 is 10TB. 7E8 had 8TB as the highest capacity
  • The 1TB and 3TB capacities are not present in 7E10.
  • Similar transfer rates for 512n SATA and SAS. With 512e and 4Kn the transfer rates are higher

Everything else remains the same - RPM, cache, workload, MTBF, warranty etc are the same.
The new part numbers are as follows on SATA drives

Description 7E8 Part number (Old) 7E10 Part number (New)
2TB SATA 512n ST2000NM000A ST2000NM000B
2TB SATA 512n SED - ST2000NM006B
4TB SATA 512n ST4000NM000A ST4000NM000B
4TB SATA 512n SED ST4000NM006A ST4000NM006B
4TB SATA 512n FIPS ST4000NM013A ST4000NM012B
6TB SATA 512n ST6000NM002A ST6000NM000B
2TB SATA 512e ST2000NM001A ST2000NM017B
2TB SATA 512e SED - ST2000NM019B
4TB SATA 512e ST4000NM002A ST4000NM024B
4TB SATA 512e SED ST4000NM010A ST4000NM026B
4TB SATA 512e FIPS ST4000NM012A ST4000NM028B
6TB SATA 512e ST6000NM021A ST6000NM019B
6TB SATA 512e SED ST6000NM025A ST6000NM027B
6TB SATA 512e Power balance - ST6000NM021B
6TB SATA 512e FIPS - ST6000NM023B
8TB SATA 512e ST8000NM000A ST8000NM017B
8TB SATA 512e SED ST8000NM008A ST8000NM025B
8TB SATA 512e Power Balance ST8000NM016A ST8000NM019B
8TB SATA 512e FIPS ST8000NM008A ST8000NM021B
10TB SATA 512e - ST10000NM017B
10TB SATA 512e SED - ST10000NM025B
10TB SATA 512e Power Balance - ST10000NM019B
10TB SATA 512e FIPS - ST10000NM021B

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